Short-term orthodontic treatment for life’s big events

Whether it’s your upcoming wedding, that big career opportunity you’re interviewing for, or just seeing old friends at your reunion, having a stunning, confident smile is important for showing off the best version of you. That’s why we offer short-term, esthetic orthodontic treatment options for adults whom only desire cosmetic teeth alignment and less time in braces than traditional orthodontics. Esthetic treatment is most suited for touching-up relapsed crowding after previous orthodontic treatment, however, select patients whom have never had orthodontic treatment before can also benefit from esthetic treatment. Even though its not full orthodontic treatment, Drs. Cornali and McDonald feel strongly that a highly trained orthodontic specialist should perform any orthodontic care. We have hundreds of thousands of hours experience and know how to create a beautiful smile efficiently and safely. If your immediate smile needs require short-term esthetic treatment, you deserve to have it done by the highly trained specialists, Drs. Cornali and McDonald.

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