Handcrafting your smile for today, and the rest of your life

Your smile is uniquely you. It is with you through good times with friends, graduations, weddings, job interviews, and all of your life’s most memorable moments. Your comprehensive orthodontic care is truly an investment in having a beautiful, confident smile as well as a healthy bite for the rest of your life. For these reasons, Drs. Cornali and McDonald do not take the task of creating your lifelong smile lightly. That is why they take the time to do a full diagnostic study of your teeth and bite before your treatment starts. This allows them to design a custom-tailored treatment plan, just for you and your needs, and to make sure your stunning smile and healthy bite last for the rest of your life. We are perfectionists. We do it right, the first time. Period. That is why our patients have trusted us to handcraft beautiful smiles, everyday, since 2001.

What Our Patients Are Saying